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Creator’s File 2021

© Tomoki Misato

No.40 MISATO Tomoki Director/Stop Motion Animator

MISATO Tomoki, born in Tokyo, graduated from Musashino Art University (Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Visual Communication Design) in 2016 and completed a graduate degree in animation from the Tokyo University of the Arts in 2018. His short films like “Look at Me Only” and “My Little Goat” have won awards in and outside Japan, including the Excellence Award at the Short Shorts Film Festival and the Governor of Tokyo Award. He was also selected for the “Young Guns” international award for young creators. His TV directorial debut came with the anime series PUI PUI MOLCAR in 2021.

© 2018 MISATO Tomoki / Tokyo University of the Arts
© 2018 MISATO Tomoki / Tokyo University of the Arts
© 2018 MISATO Tomoki / Tokyo University of the Arts
22nd JMAF Animation Division Jury Selections
My Little Goat
2018 / Animated Short Film / 10:13
Director, Animator: MISATO Tomoki
Music: KAWASHIMA Daisuke
Sound Design: NAGANO Kyosuke, ADACHI Masumi
Producer: ITO Yuichi
Production: Tokyo University of the Arts

The mother goat rescues her little goats from the wolf's belly. But she can't find Toruku, her eldest son! Where is Toruku?!
The theme of the film is the madness that can come from a parent’s love. Neglect is a problem that is treated as a crime, yet parental overprotection is not considered a crime. However, overprotection can rob a child of important learning experiences. The film was created with the goal of “leaving a lingering sense of discomfort when it comes to one-sided affection.” It asks viewers to consider whether overparenting is just.

Other Works

© Tomoki Misato JGH, Shin-ei Animation / MOLCARS
2021 / TV Animation / 02:40
© Tomoki Misato/WIT STUDIO
Candy Caries
2021 / Animated Short Film / 01:08

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