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Directory of innovative individuals who are constantly attempting
new endeavors using their own unique methods of expression.

No. 34



Animation director

Born in 1987, Kawajiri graduated from Osaka University of Arts.
After working in an animation studio, he founded a visual production company.
The animated feature film "Cherry and Virgin" (tentative title) is under production as his next film.

JMAF 23rd Animation Division / Excellence Award

A Japanese Boy Who Draws

  • Animated Short Film
  • 00:20:00

The life story of a man who aspires to be a manga artist is told through the growth of visuals from a child's to an adult's drawings. Experimental animation and mockumentary.


Creator's Q&A

Behind the Scenes

<Main character design> Shinji's character was designed by profesional manga artists and animators and Masaru's by outsider artists.

<Original drawings> Both analogue and digital illustration methods were used depending on the situation.
Analogue painting such as watercolor and Copic pens were generally used when unevenness was needed.