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No. 53


Director. Born in Kyoto Prefecture. After graduating from Kyoto University of Art and Design (now Kyoto University of the Arts), she joined Kyoto Animation. In 2009, she made her directorial debut with the TV series K-ON!. The TV series became a big hit and was followed in 2011, K-ON! the Movie, her first time directing a feature film. In 2014, she won the New Face Award in the Animation Division at the 18th Japan Media Arts Festival for her original feature film Tamako Love Story. In 2017, the film A Silent Voice was nominated for the Best Feature Film Award in the Feature Film category of the Annecy International Animation Film Festival and the Animation Division of the 50th Sitges Film Festival. She won the OFUJI Noburo Award at the 73rd Mainichi Film Awards for her 2018 feature film Liz and the Blue Bird. In directing the TV series The Heike Story, she collaborated with Science SARU for the first time.
© The Heike Story Project
© The Heike Story Project
© The Heike Story Project
The Heike Story
2021 / TV Animation / 19:50 (total of 11eps)
Original Work: “The Heike Story” published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha
translated by FURUKAWA Hideo

Director: YAMADA Naoko
Scenario: YOSHIDA Reiko
Character Creation: TAKANO Fumiko
Music: USHIO Kensuke
Animation Production: Science SARU
Character Design: KOJIMA Takashi
Art Director: KUBO Tomotaka
Director of Inbetween Animation: IMAI Shotaro
Color Design: HASHIMOTO Satoshi
Composite Director: IZUMITA Kazuto
Editing: HIROSE Kiyoshi
Sound Director: KIMURA Eriko
Sound Effects: KURAHASHI Hiromune
History Supervisor: SATA Yoshihiko
Biwa Supervisor: GOTO Yukihiro
This is the first TV anime adaptation of the great classic The Tale of the Heike, which was handed down by Biwa Hoshi, the traveling storytellers and had a great influence on literature and theater in later years. Some of the best creators in the industry based this adaptation on the overwhelming narrative style of FURUKAWA Hideo’s modern translation. At the end of the Heian period, the Heike clan is about to achieve prosperity in every aspect of political, military, and financial power. Taira no Shigemori, a man who can see the dead, meets a Biwa Hoshi, a girl named Biwa, who can see the future. Biwa prophesies that his clan will perish soon. Fifteen years of dramatic change in Japan's history, affecting everyone from aristocratic to samurai society, begin. A story of prayer bridging 800 years, lyrically depicting a great epic poem through the eyes of a young girl.