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Born in Japan, 1993. Completed degree in Sculpture at Musashino Art University and Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences. Major exhibits include: 14th Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Visions 2022; Sai No Me [Eye of Difference] (2019); emergencies! 036 “Translucent Objects” (2018). Her works address the survivability of information and people’s will to see things by combining the act of viewing information digitally with the qualities of materials.
25th Art Division New Face Award
Projection for the next three thousand years
In this work, the surface of a mirror-polished stone is laser-engraved with text and photos taken on an iPhone. By shining light on this stone and reflecting the light, the images are projected onto a wall.
Today, it has become the norm for people to view iconography using light via projectors, and high-resolution images through digital devices. Although electric power has made this possible, the recent energy crisis and strain on natural resources suggest that we could face life without electricity in the future.
This work uses stone, a semipermanent recording medium, and a technique which only requires light to project, so that if such a future becomes a reality, today’s iconography data and projection methods will remain preserved and reproducible.
Like ancient stone slabs which exist today, this work is a media device that functions as a recording medium which could last several thousand years.
Translucent Objects
window - “Somebody” 2017.8.13.10:44-10:39