Japan Media Arts Festival Overseas Promotion

Screening Program

Japan Media Arts Festival Special Program featuring YUKI Yoko

This screening program includes 9 works by YUKI Yoko, the award-winning artist of the 19th and 23rd Japan Media Arts Festival.
Curator:KUTSUNA Kenichi(Animator, Animation Director, University Lecturer)

25th Japan Media Arts Festival Award-winning Program

This screening program will introduce 9 works that reflect our current times, ranging from award-winning pieces in Animation Division and Entertainment Division to works selected by the jury.

Inspired and Audacious: Women Creators in Japanese Animation

This program titled, "Inspired and Audacious: Women Creators in Japanese Animation" introduces 9 works by female creators active in the Japanese animation scene.

Animation x Music
-Selected from Award-winning Works of Japan Media Arts Festival-

his program is a selection of 9 award-winning works from the Japan Media Arts Festival focusing on music videos and short animation films that use music as sound.

24th Japan Media Arts Festival Award-winning Program

An online screening program that includes 13 award winners from the Animation and Entertainment Division of the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival. An archive of the trends observed by the Japan Media Arts Festival.

Expanded Animation

The screening program will feature a selection of 24th Japan Media Arts Festival award winners that embody the spirit of expanded animation. Among the titles is “Keep Your Hands off Eizouken!,” a dynamic TV series that depicts the process of animation creation. The series demonstrates how expertise and individuality can come together to make something great. The program will also feature original short films that go above and beyond typical techniques and storytelling methods.