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VR, AR, and MR: New Screen Possibilities

In recent years, technologies such as VR, AR and AI have been paired up with traditional visual storytelling techniques to create new, original works that bring an entirely new experience to viewers. VR, in particular, has been embraced as a new category by many film festivals, with much attention being paid to this new genre. We discuss the wide-ranging possibilities of VR and its connection to animation with xx, the creator of “Canaria,” a VR piece that won a New Face Award in the 24th Japan Media Arts Festival’s Entertainment Division.

YUHARA Kazuki Illustrator/Animator
Game Designer
MACHIBA Katsutoshi XR Content Producer
© yuharakazuki
Illustrator/Animator/Game Designer
Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts, Department of Animation

YUHARA Kazuki was born in Japan in 1996. Currently enrolled in the animation department at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media, YUHARA graduated from Tama Art University's Department of Information Design, Art & Media Course. His fundamental motivation for creation comes from emotional experiences of being embraced in warmth and tenderness. All of his work reflects his ideas of love in both narrative and visuals.

MACHIBA Katsutoshi
XR Content Producer
XR Strategic Planning Office, Supership Inc.

MACHIBA Katsutoshi is a part-time lecturer at the Tokyo University of the Arts, and organized the Beyond the Frame Festival, Japan's first international film festival specializing in VR. MACHIBA studied filmmaking in the U.S. He has worked as a TV director, a Japanese-language producer at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment Japan, and a Gear VR producer at Samsung Electronics Japan. He has produced a number of VR projects since 2016 which have been highly acclaimed at domestic and international film festivals. One such project was nominated for the 77th Venice International Film Festival's VR section, VENICE VR EXPANDED. MACHIBA is also involved in the launch of online portal services and location-based services as a way to experience VR movies in Japan.