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No. 45


Art Director
Born in Aichi Prefecture, Mari Fujino graduated from art university where she studied Japanese painting and joined Studio Pablo in 2013. She assisted art direction for several television series including Seraph of the End (2015), ReLIFE (2016), and ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. (2017), as well as the feature-length animation FLCL Alternative (2018).

Fujino acquired her first experience as art director on the set of the 2017 television special Onagawa Chuu Baske Bu: 5-nin no Natsu (“The Summer of Five Members of the Onagawa Basketball Club”). She worked as art director on her first television series “Dororo” TV Series Produced in 2019, followed by Sonny Boy (2021) and Dance Dance Danseur (2022).
©Sonny Boy committee
©Sonny Boy committee
©Sonny Boy committee
25th Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Excellence Award
Sonny Boy
2021 / Animated TV series / 24 min 30 s × 12 episodes
Director, Screenwriter and the Creator of the Original Story: NATSUME Shingo
Original Character Design: EGUCHI Hisashi
Animation Production: MADHOUSE
Character Designer: KUGAI Norifumi
Art Director: FUJINO Mari (Studio Pablo)
Color Designer: HASHIMOTO Satoshi
Composite Director: FUSHIHARA Akane
Editor: KIMURA Kashiko
On a seemingly endless summer vacation one August 16, Nagara and a group of fellow third-year middle school students suddenly find themselves caught up in an unimaginable situation—Nagara’s school is swept into another dimension, taking with it 36 of his classmates, including the mysterious transfer student Nozomi, as well as students Mizuho and Asakaze. They are also bestowed various “special abilities” in the process. Some students are wrapped up with their superhuman abilities and run riot; others opt to become leaders and attempt to guide other students. The remainder desperately search for ways to return to their own world. Surging distrust, irrepressible jealousy, and clashes resulting from a desire to control ensue. Confronted by a series of mysterious encounters, the boys and girls are suddenly thrust into survival mode as Nagara and his friends endeavor to conquer this world and return safely home.

© Tezuka Productions / TWIN ENGINE Inc.
"Dororo" TV Series Produced in 2019
2019 / Animated TV series / 25 min × 24 episodes
©George Asakura, Shogakukan / project Dance Dance Danseur
Dance Dance Danseur
2022/ Animated TV series / 23 min per episode