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No. 46


Animation Artist / Animator
Born in 1949, ISSHIKI Azuru spent five years working in television anime at Toei Doga (now Toei Animation) before going independent. An animator and illustrator, ISSHIKI works on children’s television programs and various other productions. She also produces collaborative works as one of ten members of the independent animators’ group G9+1.
©Azuru Isshiki
©Azuru Isshiki
©Azuru Isshiki
Yushi no Ko (“A Child of Yushi”)
2009 / Animated Short Film / 02:35
Director and Animation: ISSHIKI Azuru 
Music: SHIMA Ken
Digital support: KUTSUZAWA Gen / TAKAHASHI Hiroshi
Special thanks: YUZAWA Haruki / YUZAWA Ari / WADA Toshikatsu
The Japanese word “yushi” means “traveler” or “passenger”. The name is symbolic, comprising the Chinese character meaning “to swim” or “to play”.
Yushi no Ko (“A Child of Yushi”) is a film about a girl who oscillates playfully between her child and adult form in an abstract world.

©Azuru Isshiki
1992 / Animated Short Film / 03:40
©Azuru Isshiki
TOKYO Fantasia
2005 / Animated Short Film / 00:40